Where we are

We will next describe the main locations of the LMCE course.

locations 1

The above slide (1/4) shows where we are on Campus. In particular, it shows the location of the Engineering Scientific Complex (Sede Scientifica Ingegneria) on the left, where most of the LMCE professors’ offices are located [most in building n.2 “Telecommunications”, some in building n.1 “Computer Engineering” and some in building n.4 “Electrical Engineering”] and some LMCE lecture rooms are located, e.g., room A/2 (indicated in the figure). The figure also shows on the right the location of the Engineering Didactic (i.e. Teaching) Complex (Sede Didattica Ingegneria) along with its new Expansion (Ampliamento Sede Didattica), where most LMCE teaching classes are located.

location 2

The above slide (2/4) shows the location of the on-campus Stdents’ office with respect to room A/2 and the Scientific Complex. Students are required to report to the Students’ office for registration and any non-conventional study plan matters.

locations 3

The above slide (3/4) shows how far the Parma city center (north, top of page) is from Campus (south, page bottom) and lists the busses that connect Campus to the center (main railway station).

locations 4

The above slide (4/4) shows Parma city center, and highlights the main University building (where most of the administration resides, along with the oldest classrooms) and the classes of the Economics Department where classes of some of the courses listed in the Elective Complementary Courses are held.