The amount of the annual tuition fee is € 878.50 to which regional tax (€ 140.00), stamp duty (€ 32.00) and an additional fee related to personal/family income (max € 356.58, see table below) must be added.

The total amount is divided into two instalments:

1st instalment - € 611.25 ( 1/2 tuition plus regional tax plus stamp duty), due at the enrolment.
2nd instalment - € 439.25 plus additional fee, due by May 30th, 2014

The additional fee related to the family's annual gross income conventionally evaluated taking into account various parameters ("ISEE income"). It is computed online by a procedure available a few months before the deadline.

Here follow the fee amounts.

ISEE income up to € 28,000 (Group F0): no additional fee
ISEE income up to € 38,000 (Group F1): additional fee = € 206.58
ISEE income up to € 75,000 (Group F2): additional fee = € 256.58
ISEE income over € 75,000 (Group F3): additional fee = € 356.58

For more information (in Italian) see: Servizio Contributi e Diritto allo studio.