Accommodation and other benefits

The University of Parma, as most Italian universities, is not a residential university i.e. it does not have dormitories or apartments for students, therefore students must search for an accommodation autonomously. However there are various possibilities to find accommodation and the University will provide assistance to the students for finding accommodation in Parma: please contact the International Students Exchanges and Welcome Office (see "General practical information") for this kind of help.

The main way to get an accommodation and other benefits (e.g. grants or scholarships) is referring to "ER-GO" ( ), a Regional Body that manages this matter in agreement with our University. An English version of the site is available from the ER-GO home page. A list of ER-GO responsibilities is here: A "direct line" to ER-GO is found here:

To apply for accommodation and other benefits a call is issued every July. Information on the last issued call are available here:

Further information on accommodation opportunities can be found in the document "General practical information", in this section.