Accommodation and other benefits

The University of Parma, as most Italian Universities, is not a residential University, i.e., it does not have dormitories or apartments for students, therefore students must search for an accommodation autonomously in private houses. However, there are various possibilities to find accommodation and the University will provide assistance to the students for finding accommodation in Parma: please contact the International Students Exchanges and Welcome Office (see “Practical information for foreign students”) for this kind of help:


U.O. Accoglienza e Orientamento

Servizio Accoglienza Studenti
Università di Parma
Vicolo Grossardi 4 (1°piano)
I-43125 Parma PR, Italy
Tel.: +39 0521 904150


To finalize your Visa processing, you are often asked an “Accommodation Letter” from the University of Parma. Such a letter is available in this pdf.

Further information on accommodation opportunities can be found from
this menu

and in the welcome package booklet for Erasmus and International students.