Final thesis

The final thesis consists in the development of a major project in the field of Telecommunications carried out under the supervision of a teacher. A significant personal contribution of the student is required. The thesis is then presented and discussed in front of a Commission for the final examination.


A Latex and LyX template is available here.


The request to be admitted to the Laurea exam is online.

Relevant deadlines are the following:

1) 4 months before

submit to the secretarial office the form “Presentazione dell’argomento della tesi”.

2) 30 days before

go to esse3 in “Studente iscritto> Servizi di Segreteria on line> Domanda di laurea” and fill in the form. At the end of the procedure, you will be asked to pay 16 euros and, if you want the fancy printed version of your diploma, you should also pay 116 extra euros.

Then you have to submit to the secretarial office:

– a printed version of the filled form

– a printed version of the payment receipt

– a printed version of the list of the completed exams, if available, with manually indicated the exams that are still pending for validation

– A signed version of the “Modulo A44

– A filled version of the form “Modulo ammissione esame di laurea“. This must be filled and signed by your advisor.

3) 10 days before

You should have completed all your exams at this point.

You are also asked to fill a questionnaire on the almalaurea webpage.

You need to submit to the secretarial office:

– 7 copies of a summary of your thesis (max 2 pages)

– 2 printed copies of your final thesis

– the receipt that you get at the end of the questionnaire

Also, you should submit to the library a CD-ROM with your thesis.

More information is available at the reference page (in Italian).