Hi there,

have you been stuck at home for a long time because of the Corona-virus pandemic?
Did you still manage to study, see your teachers, interact with them?
Did your parents manage to still work remotely from home?
Perhaps your connection was not reliable, smooth, perhaps sometimes you got disconnected, perhaps your teachers were not prepared to use such new tools, perhaps you were not emotionally prepared to face studying with this new technology….
still we managed to remain connected, we kept doing our work, many of us at least, our society did not collapse.
The technology that allowed us to stay connected, busy, doing the work that needs to be done, is called the “internet”.

Telecommunications (tele=at a distance, in Greek) deal with all the technology that allows the bits of your cell phone, tablet, PC, workstation to flow through the internet and get delivered to the intended recipient.

Our Master of Science course in Communication Engineering provides you with the fundamentals to understand, design, and manage complex telecom systems, such as for instance the cellular networks (e.g. the 4G standard, also known as LTE, and the new 5G standard) or the fiber-optic infrastructure which is the physical backbone of the internet, where all the bits of everyone flow.

After this pandemic, all governments in the world strongly realized that they have to invest more in the telecommunications infrastructure, make internet connections “faster” and “more reliable” (and now you know exactly by experience what this means…) so that “smart-working” at home becomes a commodity, and all of us will be able to remotely work.

Today many, many of us complain that vis-a-vis meetings, lectures, social happenings are far too better than online meetings (such as those on Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, etc that you have been forcedly using)
and all of us wish to go back to “normal life”, life as we knew it before this pandemic.

But if you stop and think rationally rather than emotionally, you understand that we are just at the beginning of a new era, and we all have to learn how to make a better use of this technology.
If you think, you can clearly see that online smart-working can save us hours of car commuting, or train jamming, and thus can ease the dramatic problem of air pollution in our cities, reduce car accidents, and allow us to convert commuting time into extra free time for us.
You realize that working at home can reduce the cost of labor to your employer (heating, cleaning, and all related logistics) and thus create more job opportunities.
You realize that it may now be possible to repopulate our hills, little villages, remote sites that little by little have been depopulated in favor of urban concentration.
Yes, we may now be able to live in clean-air places, in contact with nature, and still be able to gather with friends (after covid vaccination!) if we so wish, by taking our car/bus/train.

So my young friends, welcome to the digital communications era!
We are here awaiting to satisfy your curiosity!

Prof. Alberto Bononi
Communication Engineering Course Director

General information on the M.S course in Communication Engineering is available at  this  page.