Academic Year 2017/18


Program offered in English

First Year

1st Semester SSD CFU   2nd Semester SSD CFU
Detection and Estimation (Syllabus)(Instructor) ING-INF/03 9 Antennas for wireless systems (Syllabus)(Instructor) ING-INF/02 6
Information Theory (Syllabus)  (Instructor) ING-INF/03 6 Network Performance (Syllabus) (Instructor) ING-INF/03 6
Network Security… (Syllabus) (Instructor) ING-INF/03 6
…+ Laboratory (Syllabus) (Instructor) 3

Elective Complementary Courses (1) – 12 CFU

Elective Courses (2) – 12 CFU

Second Year

1st Semester SSD CFU   2nd Semester  SSD  CFU
Digital Communications (Syllabus) (Instructor) ING-INF/03 9 Optical Communications (Syllabus) (Instructor) ING-INF/03 9
Wireless Communications (Syllabus) (Instructor) ING-INF/03 9 Photonic Devices (Syllabus) (Instructor) ING-INF/02 9

Thesis and Final Examination – 24 CFU

Elective Complementary Courses (1) – at least 12 CFU
1st Semester SSD CFU   2nd Semester SSD CFU
Applied Acoustics (Syllabus)(Instructor) ING-IND/11 6 Machine learning for pattern recognition… ING-INF/05
Economic Statistics (Syllabus) (Instructor) SECS-S/03 9 …Part 1 ( Syllabus part 1 )  (Instructor)  3
Environmental Economics (Syllabus) (Instructor) SECS-P/06 6 …Part 2 ( Syllabus part 2 ) (Instructor)  3
Power Circuits and Systems (Syllabus) (Instructor) ING-INF/01 6 Sistemi embedded (Syllabus) (Instructor) ING-INF/05 6
Ricerca operativa (Syllabus) (Instructor) MAT/09 9 Architettura dei sistemi digitali (Syllabus) (Instructor) ING-INF/01 9
Sistemi informativi (Syllabus) (Instructor) ING-INF/05 9 Sistemi di elaborazione (Syllabus) (Instructor) ING-INF/05 6
Elective Courses (2) – at least 12 CFU
1st semester SSD CFU   2nd semester SSD CFU
Advanced photonics (Syllabus) (Instructor) ING-INF/02 6 Polarized Fiber Optic Transmission (Syllabus)(Instructor) ING-INF/03 6
Internet of things (Syllabus) (Instructor) ING-INF/03 6
5G Wireless Networks (Syllabus) (Instructor) ING-INF/03 6
Advanced Networking (Syllabus)  (Instructor) ING-INF/03 6
Optical Sensing Technologies for Society Mega-Challenges (Syllabus)  (Instructor) ING-INF/02 6
Light propagation in single and multi-moded fibers – theory and simulation (Syllabus)  (Instructor) INF/02 6

Lingua italiana per stranieri (3) – 3 CFU

(3) Eligible by international students.

Elective Courses (12 CFU) can also be selected from the list of Elective Complementary Courses or in the programs of Second Cycle Degrees (Lauree Magistrali) in Electronics Engineering and Computer Engineering with no need of further approval. Other courses can be chosen subject to approval by the Course Program Committee.


“Master of Science Degree” is also called “Second Cycle Degree”. In Italian: “Laurea Magistrale”. More info.

CFU = Number of ECTS credits (Crediti formativi universitari). More Info.

SSD = Course category (Settore scientifico disciplinare). More info.

This Second Cycle Degree course allows to obtain an Italian-French double degree within a Multilateral Cooperation Agreement between Italy and France.

Courses in italics are taught in Italian