Academic Year 2021/22


Program offered in English

First Year

1st Semester SSD CFU 2nd Semester SSD CFU
Communication Fundamentals(1) (Info)(course web site) ING-INF/03 9 Detection and Estimation (Info)(Instructor)(course web site) ING-INF/03 9
Network Performance (Info) (Instructor)(course web site) ING-INF/03 6 Information Theory (Info) (Instructor)(course web site) ING-INF/03 6
Antennas for Wireless Systems (Info)(Instructor)(course web site) ING-INF/02 6 Network Security(1) (Info) (Instructor) (course web site) ING-INF/03 9

Elective Complementary Courses(2) (pick >=12 CFU from ECC menu)

Elective Free Courses(3) (pick >=12 CFU from EFC menu)

Second Year

1st Semester SSD CFU 2nd Semester SSD CFU
Digital Communications (Info) (Instructor)(course web site) ING-INF/03 9 Optical Communications (Info) (Instructor)(course web site) ING-INF/03 9
Wireless Communications (Info) (Instructor)(course web site) ING-INF/03 9 Photonic Devices (Info) (Instructor)(course web site) ING-INF/02 9

Thesis and Final Examination – 24 CFU

Elective Complementary Courses(2)(pick >=12 CFU)
1st Semester SSD CFU 2nd Semester SSD CFU
Applied Acoustics (Info)(Instructor)(course web site) ING-IND/11 6 Nonlinear Systems (Info) (Instructor)(course web site) ING-INF/04 6
Optical Networking (Info) (Instructor)(course web site) ING-INF/03 6 Identification and Adaptive Systems (Info) (Instructor)(course web site) ING-INF/04 6
Project Management (Info) (Instructor)(course web site) ING-IND/17 6 High Performance Computing (Info) (Instructor)(course web site) ING-INF/05 6
Power Circuits and Systems (Info) (Instructor)(course web site) ING-INF/01 6
Ricerca Operativa (Info) (Instructor)(course web site) MAT/09 9
ICT for Health and Well-being (Info) (Instructor)(course web site) ING-INF/01 6
Advanced Programming of Mobile Systems (Info) (Instructor)(course web site) ING-INF/05 6
Financial and Cost Management (Info) (Instructor)(course web site) ING-IND/35 9
Machine Learning for Pattern Recognition… ING-INF/05
…Part 1 ( Info part 1 ) (Instructor)(course web site) 3
…Part 2 ( Info part 2 ) (Instructor)(course web site) 3
Elective Free Courses(3)(pick >=12 CFU)
1st semester SSD CFU 2nd semester SSD CFU
5G Wireless Networks (Info) (Instructor) ING-INF/03 6 Internet of things (Info) (Instructor)(course web site) ING-INF/03 6
Network Information Theory (Info) (Instructor) ING-INF/03 6

Lingua italiana per stranieri(4) – 3 CFU

– “Master of Science” is also called “Second Cycle Degree” (in Italian: Laurea Magistrale). More info;
– CFU = Number of ECTF credits (in Italian: Crediti formativi universitari). More Info;
– SSD = Course category (in Italian: Settore scientifico disciplinare). More info;
– Courses in italics are taught in Italian.


Instructions: Your study plan must amount to >=120 CFU over the 2 years. To shape up your study plan, you must pick:
(1) either “Communication Fundamentals” (compulsory for international students) or “Network Security”;
(2) two courses (>=12 CFU) from menu “Elective Complementary Courses”;
(3) two courses (>=12 CFU) from menu “Elective Free Courses”;
(4) international students may also choose the Italian language course “Lingua italiana per stranieri”.


– Any course offered by the University of Parma can in principle be selected as an “Elective Free Course”. The automated course-selection page on the student’s operational website (ESSE3) allows the student to select the two “Elective Free Courses” from a standard menu which includes the above “Elective Free Courses” menu, the “Elective Complementary Courses” menu, and the corresponding menus from the master programs (Lauree Magistrali) in Electronics Engineering and Computer Engineering. Courses in programs other than the above may be chosen by written request to the secretarial office, subject to approval by the Course Program Committee.

– the MS in Communication Engineering does not offer curricula internships. However, some instructors may offer the possibility to do the final thesis work in a company.

– the MS in Communication Engineering allows to obtain an Italian-French double degree within a Multilateral Cooperation Agreement between Italy and France.