The University of Parma, like most Italian Universities, is not a residential University, i.e., it does not have dormitories or long-term apartments for students. Therefore students must search for an accommodation on their own in private houses. However, there are various possibilities to find accommodation and the University will provide assistance to  students through the following “Welcome Office”:


U.O. Accoglienza e Orientamento

Centro Accoglienza e Inclusione – Servizio Accoglienza (Welcome Office)
Università di Parma
Piazzale San Francesco, 3
I-43121 Parma PR, Italy
Tel.: +39 0521 034150

Here you will find a list of available  student rooms in private apartments managed through the intermediation of the university. Most room offers appear around the month of July each year, when most contract renewals take place.

To finalize your Visa processing, you are often asked an “Accommodation Letter” from the University of Parma. Such a  letter is available in this  pdf.

We will strive to accommodate you for the first weeks upon your arrival in our guest houses or affiliated structures. in case of saturation of our places, it is possible to contact the following  housing sites:

Visiting the page @fuorisede_parma on Instagram could be useful.

For info and contacts related to temporary accommodation at the Parma Hostel, look at:

Further information on accommodation opportunities in Parma can be found from:
and in the welcome package booklet for Erasmus and International students at