Welcome Lecture and Preparatory Course



(Videos/slides in this folder are password protected, if you are (pre-)enrolled please write to alberto.bononi@unipr.it to get the access credentials)

Past Welcome Lectures:

(2023 A. Bononi); Slides


Master’s preparatory course

A two-week preparatory course is offered in recorded video-lectures (taped in 2017) to students  to consolidate their background knowledge. We highly recommend admitted students to watch the prep-course video lectures to check and refresh their knowledge, before the start of the official LMCE classes this year.

2017 Video Lectures are available by clicking on the following links:

Sep. 2017 Prep-Course Programme:

Intro to Communication Engineering (G. Ferrari):

Mathematical Methods for Engineers (P. Serena): ; Slides

Fourier Transform (A. Vannucci):  Slides

Stochastic Processes (A. Vannucci):  Slides

Probability Theory (A. Bononi): Lec. 1 ; Lec. 2  ; Lec. 3   ; Lec. 4   Slides

Signals and Systems (A. Ugolini): ; Slides 

Digital Communications (P. Serena): Lec.1 ; Lec. 2 ; Slides

In the Week 14-18 September 2020 teachers  of the above courses met with students to clarifiy issues about their lectures. Here are the video recordings:

  • P. Serena (Mathematical Methods for Engineers): Tue. Sep 15 10:30-12:30
  • P. Serena (Introduction to Matlab scientific programming):
  • A. Ugolini (Signals and Systems): Tue. Sep 15 14:30-16:30
  • G. Ferrari (Intro to Communication Engineering): Wed. Sep 16 11:00-12noon Slides
  • G. Colavolpe (Digital Communications): Wed. Sep 16 14:30-16:30
  • T. Foggi (Probability videos 1,2): Thu. Sep 17 10.30-12.30   Slides
  • T. Foggi (probability videos 3,4): Fri. Sep 18 10:30-12:30
  • A. Vannucci (Fourier Transforms, Stochastic Processes): Fri Sep 18 14:30-16:30




Other Background Knowledge Sources

On top of that, as a light primer, you can read the following Wikipedia pages:

If, after watching the prep classes, you feel your background is not sufficiently strong, we also recommend that you take the free online courses on the above topics offered at either  MIT or at khanacademy.