Tuition Fees and Scholarships

Tuition Fees and Scholarships

The tuition fees depend on the student’s economic situation (if already financially autonomous) or their household (either if they live in or outside Italy).

Detailed Information about fees, methods of payment, tax discounts, scholarships and more can be fount at the University page, or you can write to

Please note that submission of documentation for BOTH tuition fee reductions (“Application for personalized university contribution”) AND ERGO scholarship (“The benefits in competition”) must take place online on the same er.go website as follows:

All info for international students: and click top banner “International Students”

Required Documentation for tax reduction/Scholarship (Students with income and/or assets abroad only):

Info about ERGO scholarships:

Info about University housing:

Info on what to do to get tax reduction:

Info about regional tax 156eur:


Students can apply for partial or total fee exemption depending on their economic status. We report here some useful information.

  1. The relation between the tuition fees and your economic status is reported at this page. The minimum amount  is 156 euros (the regional tax).
  2. The student’s economic status is set by the ISEE document. Please, contact for more information on how to get the ISEE certification.
  3.  Detailed instructions on how to provide the needed documentation for tax reduction/scholarship is given at the above links. Such links, in particular,  contain information about the thresholds for the family unit’s economic condition to be eligible both for the scholarship and for the fee reduction. IMPORTANT: when having your house/shop surface officially declared, squared meters (m^2) should be used, not squared feet. We know from past incidents that documents mentioning only squared feet are not considered by ERGO. Note that, if you are eligible, and apply to Er.go for a scholarship,  and do not get the scholarship,  you are still entitled to the University Tax reduction based on your certified family’s income (the minimum fee per year is the regional tax of 156Eur).
  4. To be able to apply online, foreign students will need their UNIPR ESSE3 username and password (as explained here).
  5. Pay great attention to the deadlines indicated on the Er.go website, usually set at the beginning of November. Late applications will be rejected. Applications usually open at the beginning of July.
  6. You can apply for tax reductions at UNIPR  at this page at section “How to Apply” and look for “University of Parma”. You can download here the complete ERGO instructions for AY 21-22 (so not completely updated) with HIGHLIGHTS regarding UNIPR tax reductions, and a sample filled-up application form.
  7. Please note that the ERGO scholarship is not merit-based, but income-based and first-come-first-serve based (it is based on merit in order to keep it for the subsequent years). For alternative merit-based scholarships funding agencies, you can check out the link which deals with scholarships offered by the Italian government for students living abroad. One of these is “Invest your Talent in Italy”
  8. If you need help from the University of Parma on benefits matters, please contact Dr. Chiara Ollari (, tel: +39 0521 034090, from “U.O. Contributi, Diritto allo Studio e Benessere Studentesco“.
  9. More information is available on the “ERGO benefits and scholarship” page of the University of Parma.

IMPORTANT: If you are eligible for an ERGO scholarship/housing, your eligibility becomes ACTIVE only after you MATRICULATE and pay the regional 156Eur tax. After that, you will receive in your ESSE3 self-management web page notice of housing and scholarship assignment.

If you still need more explanations on ERGO related topics, please check the ERGO contacts at