Student Card

The Student Card is a multiservice card, offered in
collaboration with the bank  Crédit Agricole Italia, which is the bank serving the University.

With the Student Card you have a  photo-identification student card with which you can:

1) access to library services

2) get student discounts on Bus tickets and subscription cards

3) get discounts on many museums, shops and cinemas in Parma

If you activate your student card as a pre-paid card and load it with sufficient money,  you can use your student card as a normal debit card, and thus for instance you can pay your lunch at campus canteens, buy bus tickets using the App TEP SmartTicket, etc…

You can activate the card  online at
or with any Crédit Agricole Italia branch office (main office in Piazza Garibaldi).

For enquiries about an already existing student card:

More info at