New Course – Optical Networking

We are glad to announce that since February 2019 the new elective course Optical Networking is available for students of the Master of Science in Communication Engineering, offered by Dr. Annalisa Morea.

Abstract of the course:

“Optical networking is a way of sharing telecommunication resources that use light signals to carry information among network users.
An optical signal can carry a huge amount of data (more than 3000 CDs per second) and propagates along optical fibers. Thanks to Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM) technology, we are able to transport up to more than 100 optical signals at different “colors” simultaneously on a single fiber (more than 300000 CDs per second!). Because of this capability of achieving extremely high bandwidth at a very low cost with respect to other technologies (wireless or wired), optical networks are one of the main drivers of today’s pervasive high rate technology and is an enabling technology for the current vision of Internet (5G, fiber to the home, …), which allows huge human and machine-to-machine information transfers.
The course is divided into two parts: a theoretical part, where the main building blocks of an optical network and its operation and management are presented; and a practical part, where planning tools for the design of an optical network are presented and how to realize a planning project is explained.
At the end of the course, by applying theoretical knowledge and the practical work, the student will be able to propose an optical network design as a function of assigned traffic requirements.”