New Course – Quantitative methods and optimization

We are glad to announce that since February 2019 a new elective COMPLEMENTARY (first choice menu) math course entitled “Quantitative methods and optimization” is available for students of the Master of Science in Communication Engineering, offered by visiting professor Fabio Furini.

Abstract of the course:

“Optimization is a very powerful tool for modeling and solving decision problems arising in different areas, like engineering, finance, logistic, management, production, and many others. The first part of the course covers the modeling aspects of the field, providing the tools for constructing effective mathematical models, i.e., models that can be solved in practice. The second part is devoted to the algorithmic aspects: basic algorithms are reviewed and more sophisticated ones, useful for those models characterized by a large number of variables and/or constraints, are presented in detail. Finally, the third part of the course presents several real-world applications. The ability to analyze, model and structure a decision problem will be stressed and emphasized as well as the proper solving techniques and algorithms. Several sessions will be devoted to discussing and solving case studies. “