Final thesis

The final thesis consists in the development of a major project in the field of Telecommunications carried out under the supervision of a teacher. A significant personal contribution of the student is required. The thesis is then presented and discussed in front of a Commission for the final examination.

Some teachers may offer the possibility to do the thesis work in a company. If you wish to try this opportunity, please contact the teachers to check which opportunities are available, or propose yourself an internship thesis-project to a teacher previous agreement with a company. The necessary documents can be found here.


A Latex and LyX template is available here.


The request to be admitted to the Laurea exam is online.

Relevant deadlines are the following:

4 months before

submit to the secretarial office ( the form “Presentazione dell’argomento della tesi”. Please, indicate your name and surname in the subject, e.g., write “Presentazione dell’argomento della tesi_ Communication Engineering_SURNAME_NAME”

More info available at this link.

30 days before

The procedure is fully online, here reported:

– Enter in the following address with your credentials

– Click on the button “Laurea\Esame Finale>Conseguimento Titolo” (on the left of the screen) and fill in the form

– It is mandatory to upload (in pdf) a filled version of the form Modulo di ammissione all’esame di laurea. This must be filled and signed by your advisor.

– It is mandatory to upload the A4 module (in pdf) regarding the rules of conduct of candidates, parents, and, friends dureing the laurea exam. You can upload the document in the reserved area “Laurea/Esame Finale > Conseguimento Titolo: GESTIONE ALLEGATI TESI”, click on “Aggiungi nuovo allegato” to upload the module MOD.A44

– It is mandatory to upload (in pdf) the receipt of the Almalaurea ON-LINE questionnaire ( – see the voice “laureati – questionario AlmaLaurea”). You can upload the document in the reserved area ” Laurea/Esame Finale > Conseguimento Titolo. GESTIONE ALLEGATI TESI”, click on “Aggiungi nuovo allegato” and upload the document.

The English translation of the official Italian instructions about the interaction with Esse3 is available in this document.

After the completion of the above steps, the system will automatically generate a money order for your laurea exam of 132 euros (payable by PagoPA), including the cost of the parchment of 116 euros (only if you want the parchment) and the tax for the exam registration, equal to 16 euros.

Send the following documents by email to

– the laurea application form within the deadline indicated in the online procedure, and, if available, a picture of the list of the completed exams, if available, with manually indicated the exams that are still pending for validation.

Note: DO NOT SEND the receipts of the payments of the parchment and the registration fee to the laurea exam

Please, indicate your surname in the subject: DOMANDA DI LAUREA_COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING_SURNAME_NAME. A notification about the date when the parchment will be available will be communicated to the student by email and published online on the website of the department.

If for any reason, you cannot participate in the laurea exam, it is mandatory to send a communication to the secretary office, at least 10 days before the laurea exam, attaching a scanned copy of your identity card. In such a case, a new online submission form must be started for a next laurea exam (hence at least 30 days before the laurea exam). in such a case, it is not necessary to pay further 116 euros for the parchment.

The next time you will try the laurea exam you will pay only for the registration tax of 16 euros (payable by PagoPA).

We suggest the student doublecheck the list of the passed exams on his/her personal page.

10 DAYS at least before the laurea exam:

1) The student must have passed all the exams as for his/her study plan, including the English B2 test as requested by the Master regulation

2) a printed version of the booklet of the exams (if available) has been returned back

3) upload a summary of your thesis in pdf. The upload can be done within the reserved area ” Laurea/Esame Finale > Conseguimento Titolo: GESTIONE ALLEGATI TESI”, click on “Aggiungi nuovo allegato” to add the summary (max 2 pages). Please report in the summary all the data already reported on the first page of your thesis

4) Upload the full document of your laurea thesis.

Please upload the final version of your thesis (in PDF/A) that will be validated by your advisor. The upload can be done in the reserved area” Laurea/Esame Finale > Conseguimento Titolo” by clicking on “Procedi con il processo di completamento tesi”. The file must be in PDF/A of size at most 21 Mbytes.

Note: Upload the thesis only after uploading all the requested documents. After clicking on “Conferma tesi definitiva” it will not be possible to make changes.

Without the full thesis document it is not possible to partecipate to the laurea exam.

More info (in Italian) available here. In case of technical problems, please send an email to

5) Delivery of the thesis to the library: the delivery time is NOT the one requested by the secretary office, hence the student can go in the library close to the laurea exam or in the days after. It is important to deliver a Cd-Rom and a printed version of the title page of the same size of a cd. You should also include a “waiver” to let your thesis accessible to the others. Do not write on the Cd-Rom. The thesis will not be loaned, copied, or printed, but only used for research purposes. The thesis will be read only within the library on a computer not connected to the web. If the thesis contains restricted material, the student has not obliged to deliver the thesis to the library since the library is not a storage archive.

Note: If the thesis is the result of an internship in a company, few days before the exam the student should upload the following report, and the following document fullfilled by the co-advisor at the company.


More information, in Italian, is available here.